Chestnut Tree Wood Magic Properties

Element of Fire.

Male Energy.

Planetary Associations: Jupiter

Zodiac Association: Cancer, Taurus, and Sagittarius influences Chestnut tree is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 12 November to 21 November.

Associated Deities: The Chestnut wood tree is sacred to Zeus

Druids often made staffs from Chestnut wood, because the physical connection to the wood allowed the user to draw longevity and invigoration from the wood.

Rune: Fehu and Isa

Magickal Properties

For a positive outcome wear Chestnut wood talismans during matters that require justice and diplomacy. Let DragonOak make your next talisman for you!

Use Chestnut wood wands for healing spells and rituals.

Chestnut wood is known for properties that bring success and love.

Wear Chestnut wood talismans during classes or situations that call for higher learning. Chestnut wood clarifies the mind and is an aide in learning.

Sitting under a Chestnut tree will help ground and clarify the mind during periods of meditation.

Place a Chestnut piece of wood or carving under a troubled couples bed to ease disputes and relationship problems.

Wearing a Chestnut wood sigil will aid fertility for women wishing to conceive.

To the early Christians chestnuts symbolized chastity but in reality chestnut increase fertility and desire.

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