Birch Wood Magic Properties

Element of Water.

Feminine with some Male Energy. Planetary Associations: Venus, Sun, Jupiter, and the Moon

Zodiac Association: Sagittarius

Sabbats: Ostara and Beltane

Birch is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 24 December to 20 January. Associated Dieties: The Birch wood tree is sacred to Angus Mac Og, Dagda, Audhumla, Cerridwen, Fand, Freya, Frigg, Lugh, Eostre, Venus, and Thor.

Druids associated the Birch tree with the stag and the golden eagle.

Norse Mythology associates the Birch tree sometimes as the World tree.

Norse also have dedicated this tree to the Almighty Thor in representation as the Fertility God.

Rune: Beorc and Ur

Ogham: Beithe

Birch is one of the first trees to naturally establish in cleared forests, thus it is related to the first letter of the Ogham alphabet.

Birch is a tree of new beginnings and establishments.

Birch, Yew and Oak form the three pillars of wisdom from Roman Mythology.

Druids held that the Birch was the Keepers of Tradition and honored them as such.

Birch is often referred to as the Lady of the Woods

Magickal Properties

The Birch wand is used in many cleansing rituals.

The Birch Tree is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and diligence.

Some use the Birch wood to aid in the calming of emotions.

The bark of the Birch tree helps to heal wounds and burns.

Many European communities use or have used, birch twigs to expel evil spirits.

Some cultures utilize birch rods in rituals designed to drive out spirits of the old year

The Birch tree is controlled by Moon influences to include; birth, Lunar spells, healing, and protection.

Birch wood by tradition has been linked to youth and new beginnings.

Birch wood is used in rituals that signify a new start of any endeavor.

Birch twigs have been used for fertility spells of cattle and newlyweds.

Birch twigs fashioned into a besom (broom) will sweep away unwanted influences and negative energies.

Birch wood charms are often placed above the entrance door to protect the home.

Cradles made of Birch wood are designed to protect the child and keep the fairies from switching the baby with a changeling.

Planting a Birch tree at the front entrance of property will provide protection and repel evil influences and spirits.

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