Beech Wood Magic Properties

Element of Air and Earth.

Female Energy.

Planetary Associations: Saturn and Mercury

Zodiac Association: Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo

Beech is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology December 22.

Associated Dieties: Zeus, Diana, Mercury (Hermes), Odin, Cronos, Ogma Sunface, Thoth, Freya, Frigg, Hel, Holle, Athena, The Elved Sun Lord Obraash, Cerridwen, Diana, Apollo, Bacchus, Dionysus, and Loki.

Druids used Beech tree groves for sacred spaces only if Oak was not available.

Irish lore tells of the God Ogma created the Ogham Alphabet upon a tablet of Beech wood.

Norse tradition tells of tablets of Beech that were used to make the very first writing tablets for the runes. Beech wood creates strong magick for working with the Nordic runes.

The Celts used the nut of the Beech tree for feed of sacred swine.

Rune: Nyd, Peorth

Ogham: Ifin, Uilleann

Beech is a sacred wood of the summer solstice.

Beech Tree is the Queen of the Forest while Oak is the King according to ancient traditions.

Magickal Properties

Use Beech leaves during the Dumb(silent) Dinner on the eve of Samhain to enhance contact with ancestors.

Beech wood has a long history for being related to the written word. Books of Shadow made from Beech wood reveal ancient knowledge. DragonOak can make Books of Shadows from Beech wood according to the ancient lore by custom order only, please contact for more info.

Beech wands are used in the magick of divination.

Powdered Beech wood sprinkled in the right shoe will lead you to fortune.

Beech wands are used to great conductor for the transfer of energies, but do not hold energies very well.

Beech wands will open stronger lines of communication with the deities and spirits based on the high transfer of energies.

Beech wood is said to reduce swellings and skin inflammations.

Beech wood can help to balance mental health.

Beech wood is used in spell weaving of aspiration, desire, and victory.

Used while working with ancestors, old wisdom, and magickal research making Books of Shadows made from Beech wood of the highest order.

An ancient tradition calls for writing your wishes upon a piece of Beech wood and then burying it. As the Beech decays your wish will come true.

Beech bark carried on the person is believed to bring luck.

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