Basswood Magic Properties

Element of Air.

Feminine and Effeminate Male Energy.

Planetary Associations: Sun, Neptune and Mercury (variety of traditions).

Zodiac Association: Pisces

Basswood (Limewood) is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology September 03 thru September 12 and March 01 thru March 10.

Associated Dieties: The Basswood tree is sacred to Aphrodite, the Celtic Goddess Arianrhod, and Shava Queen of the Stars.

Druid associated this tree to heather and its associated animals were the Sky Lark, Turtle Dove and the Red Deer Doe.

Celtic histories associate Basswood with the Celtic Tree of Life.

Rune: Ur (based on association with Heather)

Ogham: Oum

In Ovid's fable Metamorphoses VIII is the story of Baucis and Phlemon who were rewarding for being hospitable to the Gods Zeus and Hermes eternity together as an Oak and Linden Tree.

It was customary among many of the Germanic tribe to not only hold their celebrations under the Basswood tree but to also a place to hold judicial or thing proceedings.

The Slavic people considered the Basswood tree to be sacred and it is still represented on some national emblems and currencies.

Magickal Properties

Basswood wands are used for creative endeavors, star magick, enlightenment, love, attraction, healing, and enchantments.

DragonOak recommends Basswood to be used in magic of beauty, love, peace, and attraction (all kinds).

Basswood is often used in star magick.

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