Alder Wood Magic Properties

Fire and Water Element.

Masculine Energy.

Planetary Associations: Moon, Venus (mostly), and Mars.

Zodiac Association: Pisces

Alder is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 18 March to 14 April.

Associated Dieties: The Alder wood is sacred to Apollo, Phoroneus, Astarte (Aphrodite), Arianrhod, Odin, Lugh, Pan, Verthandi, Arthur, Bran, Branwen, Guinevere, Orpheus, and Rinda. Alder is closely associated to the esbat Ostara.

Druids associated this tree with the fox.

Celts and Norse associate the Alder tree with the raven.

Rune: Isa

Ogham: Fearn

The Celtic saga Battle of the Trees describes Bran as being identified by the branch of Alder wood he carried.

Referred too as the "battle witch" of all the woods because it was Alder that took to the forefront in the Battle of the Trees saga.

The Alder is a powerful wood that the witch relies upon as a source of might behind her words.

Norse Mythology says that Odin created the first woman from the Alder tree.

Magickal Properties

DragonOak recommends Alder wood wands to be used for witchcraft magick rituals concerning with charisma, journeys, self confidence, bravery, supervision skills, and spiritual growth. Also used in shielding the astral self from unwanted intrusion from other realms.

The Witches of the Stregha patch have long known the secrets of the Alder wood. The Italian witches prized the sap of the Alder wood to make red dyes for potent Nanta bags. Fresh cut Alder will turn red from the sap associating it with that which is living and breathing.

Alder wood should be used for magicks that need to balance action with emotion.

Alder wood can be used in magicks that are designed to protect the heart and chest area. Talismans worn about the neck are excellent for this.

DragonOak recommends Alder wood to be used in the art of Fairy Magicks. It is believed that Alder is the secret doorway used by the fae to pass from one realm to another.

Alder wood wands have been noted in some ancient texts as being used to summon spirits from the Otherworld.

DragonOak stresses that Alder wood wands, for the purpose of wind magic, are gathered from wind blown branches only, never cut. Imbued by the full moon of the Alder Moon, March 18 thru April 14. Empowered by the sacred winds by ritual. The Alder wood wand is often used for the secret wind and weather magicks of the Witches. Always cover the Alder wood wand with not in use.

For Alder wands other than wind or weather magic order your Alder wand here: DragonOaks Hand Turned Alder Wands

Alder wood talismans provide strength to the words of the Witch. The wood provides the authority of her verbal skills and strengthens spell casting.

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